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20 reasons why you need QR codes on social media

By scanning a QR code, users can: visit the official website, follow the official account, understand the latest developments, and view the brand's history and personal development.

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Self-guided tours of exhibitions and museums with QR codes

At exhibition venues such as museums and art galleries, it is recommended to equip a text description board. However, the text description board will occupy a lot of space, not enough space, making it difficult for exhibition participants. The QR code information may also contain website links. You can get more information and "expand readability" with just one click.

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Generate navigation QR codes for your store

Using navigation QR codes can help customers find your store accurately, and it's also more convenient for customers to share your store address information with friends. This will help improve the customer's in-store shopping and consumption experience, thereby inculcating the user's impression of the store.

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Generate free QR codes for pets. Helping your pets is safer

Bring missing animals home faster. We know what it feels like to lose your pet. You feel helpless because even the immediate surroundings suddenly seem like a vast world. And what if someone finds your dog or cat?

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QR Code Applications in the Publishing Industry

QR code can also be placed on the book's spine, cover, back and home page and combined with the electronic version for readers to try. Of course, QR codes can also contain background authors. Create compelling content such as background, book story, etc., which can spark the reader's interest in purchasing and lead the reader to online platforms.

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Make learning more fun

By scanning the code, students can quickly get extensive information about where to read, including problem-solving, case analysis, knowledge expansion, special lectures, etc., save time reviewing course material.

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How to use QR codes in project construction?

QR codes are used by many businesses - from services, agriculture, FMCG to pharmaceuticals. Its flexible use makes it a very good investment in marketing new products or services and attracting customers.

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Voice QR codes at art exhibitions

A QR code for audio explanations is posted next to each work in the gallery. Scan the QR code next to the works to enter the audio guide directory

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Noise complaint QR code

To effectively reduce the impact of construction noise on people's lives. Some cities in China have posted construction noise complaint QR codes at the gates of each construction site to facilitate complaints by residents.

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How the manufacturing industry uses QR codes

The manufacturing sector may best reflect a country's productivity level. In recent years, the domestic manufacturing industry has developed rapidly, and the scope covers people's daily needs.

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What are the application areas of QR codes?

The application scenarios of mobile QR codes are very wide, and different applications have unique usage scenarios and usages, with obvious personalization characteristics.

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Scenario of QR code application in education industry

The following two-dimensional code application examples apply to schools and universities. Teachers can use QR codes to enhance classroom interaction in tutoring or extracurricular practices.

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