Voice QR codes at art exhibitions


Picasso said: "After Matisse died, Chagall became the only person in the world who truly understood colour."

Over the weekend, I admired Marc Chagall's first authentic solo exhibition. A total of 155 collections are displayed in this exhibition, of which there are 28 unprinted works and 127 rare works. Let colour-loving and art-loving audiences be satisfied.

I think we are all lucky to be able to feel the extreme homesickness and unforgettable love he has at close range.

There is a story behind each piece.

After half a century, across time and space, we try to understand the story and life of the artist Chagall by appreciating and studying his works to feel the joy, the longing. And his sorrow and entered his time.

If it weren't for the large number of QR codes displayed on the website, it would be difficult for the average person to read the paintings just by surfing and look at the pictures displayed in the gallery.

(Note: The following exhibition-related images are from the Encounter Museum and have been used with permission)

A QR code for audio explanations is posted next to each work in the gallery. Scan the QR code next to the works to enter the "Meet Chagall" audio guide directory. You can select audio interpretations of works of interest and listen to expert analysis while viewing the paintings in this folder.

I have to admit that good works give people visual stimulation. At the same time, the luck of professional voice explanations allows the audience to have a rich and unique viewing experience. Unique.

So enter our QR code application and production link.

Today's content is: How to generate QR code with voiceover? That is, how to create QR codes from voice?

1. How to generate QR codes by voice?

In QRGateway, a voice QR code can be followed by an audio QR code.

This is achieved through the "Audio" option of the QRGateway. Directly upload locally recorded audio, then generate a QR code. That is, a unique QR code is generated for each exhibit.

Second, the characteristics of QR Code audio at QRGateway.

The characteristics of QRGateway's audio QR code are:

1. Track QR code scanning data, such as scan time, quantity, location, device, etc.

2. Support to modify the content of the QR code at any time. Even if the QR code has been printed and applied, the content of the QR code can still be updated at any time in the background, including information such as URLs, links, sounds, texts, and images.

3. Other application scenarios of audio QR code

Voice QR code application (audio) in exhibitions, but voice QR code is also used in many animations.

1. Publishing Industry

QR codes in published books insert QR codes to make the text on paper readable. In addition, audio QR codes are used in textbooks, test papers and records.

2. Product packaging

On creative product packaging, apply an audio QR code.

For example, through the QR code in the margin, the notebook of everything transmits beautiful voices from 100 different parts of the world to the user.

3. Confession

The use of QR codes to represent speeches is quite common. Especially during Double Eleven and Valentine's Day every year, many users come to make QR codes to confess their love.

4. Other

For example, interviews and portfolio submissions can also use QR codes for voice transmission.

If you want to know more about QR code generators and beautify work and more about QR code's application, you can log in to QR Code Generator's official website for detailed information.

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