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URL to QR Code

The URL is directly generated into a QR code, which cannot be modified after generation, and cannot count the number of scanned codes.

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Difference between static and dynamic QR codes for website URLs

📌 Static QR code

Directly encodes the input website URL into a QR code, which cannot be modified after generation.

It cannot track scan volume and is suitable for cases where the website URL does not need to be changed.

🌟 Dynamic QR code

QRGateway automatically assigns a short URL to redirect to the input target website URL, and generates a QR code for this short URL.

Scanning the QR code will immediately redirect to the target website URL and record visitor data.

If the target website URL is modified later, the QR code pattern will remain the same because the short URL is unchanged.

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QR Marketing Components

Functional components commonly used in QR code applications can be flexibly assembled to suit different needs.

Content display

There is a flexible combination of content that can be modified as needed. The layout supports a mixture of graphic and text multimedia.

Data management

We provide custom forms and states, files, as well as data summary management and a statistical graph


Our cooperation features include cycle planning and notification, membership and permissions, as well as notifications and closed-loop collaboration.


We also offer a one-size-fits-all solution for batch production and management, typography style beautification, and an on-demand printing service.