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Privacy Policy of QR Gateway

Information and data privacy policy QRGateway


QRGateway is an online QR code creation and management software supporting many QR coordinate functions. Provincial code, dynamic QR code, email QR code, QRcode name card...

QRGateway respects and is committed to protecting your privacy. This Privacy Policy applies to all products and services QRGateway offers. Please read carefully the Privacy Policy below to better understand our commitments to respect and protect your rights.


Log in directly to QRGateway with email and password. QRGateway requires a minimum of 6 characters. Repeated failed login attempts trigger the lock 30 seconds before the user can try again. Passwords are stored as hashes and will never be emailed — upon account creation and password reset, QRGateway will send a link to the email associated with the account to allow the user to generate a new password.

You cannot customize password complexity and session length requirements within the app. However, they can be set in the IdP for the SSO implementation group.


We collect information in two ways: Information we receive from your use of our Services and information you provide us directly.

The information we receive from your use of the services is mainly non-identifiable information such as web browser type, the server used, preferred language, queries, time of each visit.

We collect non-identifying information to understand better how our customers use our services and, where possible, improve your experience. For example, we collect the time it takes to run log database queries to improve performance.

Information you provide us directly: The amount and type of information supplied depends on the nature of the interaction. For example, we require customers who sign up for our Services to provide their real names, usernames, and email addresses. Organizations and individuals participating in financial transactions to purchase paid services must provide additional information, such as the necessary personal and financial information to process the transactions. We collect only enough information needed for the type of interaction in each case.


1. In case you register an account at QRGateway, we may ask you to provide personal information such as full name, email address. We will use that personal information to support services to you, such as sending notifications about new updates in the service or sending you information about promotions and activities. We also commit not to use advertising related products and services for any other purpose.

2. By using the service, you consent to the use of cookies, access information, images to operate the service, edit personal information and content; store information on your computer to save you time by reducing the hassle of repeatedly entering the same information, to display personalized content, or to store relevant advertising information, and reappear on your next visit to the website.

3. QRGateway commits not to exchange or sell your data to third parties. We do not share your personal information, except under our obligation to disclose information to third parties regarding matters related to law, such as complying with a subpoena or similar legal process. Similarly, when you both believe in good faith, disclosure is necessary to protect QRGateway's interests, protect the safety of you and those around you, investigate fraud, or respond to complaints. Government request.

4. We may share with third parties general information that does not belong to you personally.

5. If QRGateway merges, acquires or deals in part or all of its assets with another party, we will notify you before transferring your personal information and apply a different privacy policy.

6. In the course of our support, we may collect personal information related to your account. If this happens, we will always ask for your explicit permission. We always welcome your comments, contacts and feedback regarding this "Privacy Policy". If you have related questions, please email us at