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QR Gateway is a free online QR code generator, can customize the design and colour of the QR code with various functions, can generate codes including Social Media, Website, Feedback, Rating, Event ... and More

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Build an Awesome Ideas With Us

Bring Your QR Code Ideas to Life

Adding QR codes to any visual effects and activities has never been easier. Choose from a variety of fully customized solutions.

Dynamic QR codes can be connected to any digital content.

The New Normal in the Restaurant

Create a digital menu for your Restaurant or Bar. Engage more with your customers.

Everything your restaurant needs online to satisfy your modern customers

QR Code Types

New Ideas with QR Codes

We have lots of ideas on creatively using QR codes to help businesses, nonprofits, and cities better market and communicate with their customers.

Take advantage of this growing trend for your business now.

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QR Code Customization

Not Just Black and White

QR Codes represent your brand. Whether it's a business card, a t-shirt, or on a mobile app, QR codes are easy for customers or potential customers to get brand-related information just by scanning your QR code.

This is why we create unique and eye-catching designs that help you attract customers and enhance your brand.

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QR Code Statistics

Data Analytics
at Your Fingertips

To evaluate a successful marketing campaign or not, we need to monitor and assess the indicators. QR Gateway has a complete and fast QR code performance tracking and analysis system that helps you evaluate the potential of your running campaign.

You and your business may use other tracking systems such as Google Analytics or Matomo.

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Your Own System

Build a QR code management system OR integrate it into your own information system

Small program for businesses

Support for businesses with several modules in marketing, product management and measurement.


API Integration

Integrate the QR code generation system by API. Now you don't need to create a QR module in your system.


Standalone database

Provide an independent cloud database for each user can be used to connect to third-party tools.

Easy to use, can be applied right away

Batch Production

Upload Excel File to generate code in bulk to optimize time and improve code building efficiency

Label Layouts

More than 15 pre-made label and template designs can be directly edited and used—support exporting vector files used for design software.

Secure Cloud Storage

Use safe Amazon Storage. Convenient and fast data logging.

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Trusted by over 1800 agencies and 30,000 companies worldwide.

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Intelligent Products

What We Do
for your Success ?

No worries, no confusion

No worries, no confusion

Integrate QR Codes during initial planning and add content only when you're ready to go live, even after printing. You can Edit anytime and anywhere.

High image quality and variety

High image quality and variety

Your QR codes are always in high resolution no matter what they're printed on. Download in JPG, PNG, SVG or EPS format.

Designs available

Designs available

We have a stock of beautiful layouts and logos available to satisfy even the most demanding people. Make your marketing campaign a perfect success.

Make a great first impression

Make a great first impression

Customize URLs to be short or stand out from your competitors and use your domain to drive brand loyalty.

Accurate statistics

Accurate statistics

You have detailed tracking and statistics of QR code scan. Allows you to passively and actively collect information about users.

Smart customization

Smart customization

You can lock your QR code at any time, and Smart Redirect is tailored to your device. And has third-party service integration

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About Us

QR Gateway is a great service. I've been using them for the past 4 months, and I highly recommend them.

Kacper Bennett
Kacper Bennett Marketer

We are new to QR codes and have been using QR Gateway for over six months. Our teams love how easy it is to create, design and deploy QR codes. In addition, QR Gateway also has excellent customer support.

Esmee Allen
Esmee Allen Sales Manager

I used QR Codes to share websites for wedding invitations. QR Codes are perfect and work on all platforms making sharing this information with friends and family seamless.

Alaya Walsh
Alaya Walsh Writer

The customer support service is super friendly, knowledgeable and takes the time to fix your problems if they arise. I have nothing wrong to say, they are unique, and I look forward to using QR Gateway in the future for many years to come.

Lawrence Holland
Lawrence Holland CEO & founder

QR Gateway is the best QR code platform by far! As a web developer, I have tested a lot, and none of them even reach the capabilities of QR Gateway.

Vincent Vu
Vincent Vu Developer

The website works great! It is straightforward to use and gives you a lot of great information. Any of your questions have them answered immediately. No more searching for a QR site, and you've come to the right place. I found them because of all their excellent reviews. All reviews were correct!

Libby Mcdonald
Libby Mcdonald Designer

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