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A single QR code can be redirected to any type of digital content.

This alone makes the technology itself worth exploring since it can be applied in many fields, including mobile marketing.


One QR, infinite possibilities

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You can connect online with your customers quickly. Use a QR code to display a list of links to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and many other social channels.
You can redirect URL to any URL immediately by scanning the QR code. Use this QR code type to edit your URL easily and quickly replace or repair links at any time, even after printing.
Generate QR code to record an individual's attendance at a place, class or event and record required information details such as: name, id, location...
Know what your customers think at a glance. Create intelligent online polls to inform your marketing strategy, get instant feedback, or predict voter behaviour. It's fast, free, and works on any device.

Use coupons to convert more sales. Use % discount codes to attract new customers or reward your loyal customers for subsequent purchases.

Add this QR code to your promotional materials to attract new customers and reward loyal customers with discounts.


Regular business cards have a lot of contact information on them, and editing is complex. But now, you can just put your name along with the QR code. The vCard QR code allows you to insert your contact information, including your business title and social media profile, along with your picture.

By scanning it, your target audience will be able to see your information or save it to their smartphone's address book. That makes it possible for you to grow your network with zero effort.

Business advertising the right way. This QR Code displays essential business info on a highly-customized, mobile-friendly page.
Collect valuable customer feedback quickly. Use this type of QR code to measure customer satisfaction and send the results directly to your inbox.
Improve your business with better ratings. Just scan this QR code to collect customer ratings and feedback sent directly to your inbox.
This QR code makes it easy for your audience to "like" your Facebook page. So, QR code connects customers with your fan page on the Facebook platform. This is an excellent way to get more likes on Facebook.

If you have apps for both Android and iOS, you can easily display your app in Apple App Store, Google Play, Amazon Appstore and even APK download link with just a QR code.

This QR code can redirect your target audience to the app store that matches their smartphone operating system, making it easy to install the app.

You can share Youtube and Vimeo videos on any print. With this QR Code, you can enrich your photo with many videos to increase customer engagement and interaction.
Successfully advertise your events. Advertise your event with this type of QR Code and allow your audience to save all your event details directly to their calendar.
Easily share PDF files with just one scan. This type of QR Code stores your brochures, product manuals, catalogues, menus and many other PDF files. Customers can view or download them

The easiest way is to add MP3 to print. Enrich your print media by adding any sound to enhance customer engagement with this QR Code.

Customers can listen to the audio and can even download it.

You can display a wide range of images in your gallery. This QR code will store as many photos as you want and show them in gallery format.
Show the location of your event or business on Google Maps, so attendees don't have trouble locating the place.
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No worries, no confusion

No worries, no confusion

Integrate QR Codes during initial planning and add content only when you're ready to go live, even after printing. You can Edit anytime and anywhere.

High image quality and variety

High image quality and variety

Your QR codes are always in high resolution no matter what they're printed on. Download in JPG, PNG, SVG or EPS format.

Designs available

Designs available

We have a stock of beautiful layouts and logos available to satisfy even the most demanding people. Make your marketing campaign a perfect success.

Make a great first impression

Make a great first impression

Customize URLs to be short or stand out from your competitors and use your domain to drive brand loyalty.

Accurate statistics

Accurate statistics

You have detailed tracking and statistics of QR code scan. Allows you to passively and actively collect information about users.

Smart customization

Smart customization

You can lock your QR code at any time, and Smart Redirect is tailored to your device. And has third-party service integration

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