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QR Code Education

Scenario of QR code application in education industry

The following two-dimensional code application examples apply to schools and universities. Teachers can use QR codes to enhance classroom interaction in tutoring or extracurricular practices.

We can convert text, graphics, web address, business card, Wifi, phone number, map, PDF, WORD and other file types to generate QR codes. Please take advantage of the high comprehensiveness of the QR code, which can give full play to its benefits in the teaching process.

So, what are the application scenarios of QR codes in the education industry?


1. Teacher business cards and create groups


Teachers can use QR codes to make personal business cards and share them with students. Teachers can also set up Facebook groups and create group QR code business cards, and students can enter the group by scanning the group's QR code. Team members can communicate in groups.

So how to make a QR code business card?


  • The first step is to log in to
  • Then select the QR Code section and press Create a new QR Code
  • Then select VCard enter the necessary fields to create a Personal Business Card.
  • Finally, press CREATE, and then you will have a default QR code, and you can edit your profile page and QR code style.


Of course, if your email address is later changed, your phone number is updated, or your job title is changed, you can edit the contents of your business card without having to change your QR Code.


2. Put the QR code in the resume


Since resume space is limited, the content should not be too long, preferably any more than three pages. Some affluent students in extracurricular activities cannot showcase their talents on a single resume. In this case, you can generate a QR code with a link to a video or photo that links to your website, showcases your talent, and insert the QR code in the appropriate place on your resume. Your resume to bring your resume to life.


3. QR code application in the classroom


  • Geographic layer: QR code multimedia map. Teachers can place a QR code connected with video or image information next to a country, city, or globe name. Students can open multimedia documents after scanning the QR code. For example, scanning the QR code on the map next to it will open an introductory article about England.
  • Natural science subjects: Software to learn QR code information. For example, in biology, QR codes can be associated with structural details of the human, animal, or plant body. Scan the QR code to see or hear the graphic information more vividly. It also facilitates their understanding of the concept of natural knowledge.


Chemistry or biology teachers can create videos of specific experimental processes (on the Internet, record themselves and then upload them to the Internet) into QR codes. Students can scan the QR codes to watch them in action. Preview or extracurricular evaluation. Experimental procedure.


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