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QR Code Education

Make learning more fun

By scanning the code, students can quickly get extensive information about where to read, including problem-solving, case analysis, knowledge expansion, special lectures, etc., save time reviewing course material.

As early as many years ago, there was a newsletter about "QR code application in teaching textbooks", and the small QR code instantly turned teaching materials into online multimedia.

Zhejiang University of Economics and Finance can self-study by scanning

According to the report, in 2015, students of Zhejiang University of Economics and Finance taking a finance course were surprised to see 33 QR codes appear in the newly revised finance textbook. They can directly Enter the online classroom by scanning the code...

The orientation of the QR code at different locations in each chapter of the book is different. By scanning the code, students can quickly get extensive information about where to read, including problem-solving, case analysis, knowledge expansion, special lectures, etc., save time reviewing course material.

At the same time, students can directly access the course resource sharing platform of the "Course of Love" website through a QR code. Due to the inflexible and vivid interface, traditional online classes make users waste time and effort to find materials, lose interest in online courses over time, and eventually become a platform for assigning assignments. Electronic. The teaching knowledge points of the "Love Course" website are not the same as the book content, and at the same time add a lot of the latest information, in-depth thematic analysis, situation explanations.

Military theory course material, scan the code to watch the military theory course video

During the new military training session in 2017, the Central Normal University of China compiled and published the military theory textbook "National Defense Education Reading Set for Undergraduate Students in Universities and Colleges." general college" (from now on referred to as "Reader"). Students can scan the QR code in each chapter of the "Reader" handout with their mobile phones to get relevant teaching videos and learn military theory anytime, anywhere.

The "reader" is organically combined with the teaching of military theory in the classroom and contains 20 video lectures on micro-courses with corresponding QR codes. Each micro-course video is approximately 15 minutes long and covers the basics of military theory, as well as hot topics such as "the impact of the US deployment of the THAAD system in South Korea on the context of the strategy of Northeast Asia" and the "disputed area between China and India".

"Fashionable" debut "physics."

On November 7, last year, the seventh edition of Ma Wenwei's "Physics" was launched by Higher Education Publishing House. Professor Zhou Yuqing from the Department of Physics, Southeast University, as a member of the team that wrote the 7th edition, introduced that the 7th edition of "Physics", just released, takes advantage of the benefits brought by the development of modern information technology. And not only use two-dimensional codes to integrate relevant content of the primary teaching materials and supplementary teaching materials Linked together, a variety of electronic materials, animations and videos are also applied. Used for the direct teaching material, "teaching this three-dimensional material" can make people learn physics in an immersive way and meet the needs of different levels and classes.

The use of QR codes in teaching materials is beneficial for stimulating students' interest in learning and a good way of entertaining students.

So how do you generate dynamic QR codes?

(1) log in to the official website of QRGateway

(2) Select the "File" option.

You can upload files in PDF, JPEG, PNG, MP3, MP4, Excel, and other formats in file options. But the files here will have a size limit. If it is an extensive audio and video file or document, you can upload it to Youtube or google drive page and then convert the content link into a QR code image.

Of course, if the content is presented as plain text, you can select the "Text" option and then enter the corresponding text information. Generate QR code.

(3) Upload files.

(4) Click "Generate Dynamic QR Code".

(5) Beautify the QR code.

Here, you can change the colour of the QR code, add a logo, choose a border... There are also templates at the bottom of the page for your reference and use.

(6) Download and use the QR code.

If you want to know more about how QR code creation and beautification works and more about the application of QR codes, continue to pay attention to our updates.

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