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How to use QR codes in project construction?

QR codes are used by many businesses - from services, agriculture, FMCG to pharmaceuticals. Its flexible use makes it a very good investment in marketing new products or services and attracting customers.

QR codes in construction engineering activities are becoming common to build and increase brand awareness and streamline operations. And facilitate project management.

As the new era of device-driven technology changes from marketing to operations, construction business owners embrace it to meet changing customer needs.

QR codes are used by many businesses - from services, agriculture, FMCG to pharmaceuticals. Its flexible use makes it an excellent investment in marketing new products or services and attracting customers.



From the customer's perspective, it's easy to scan and access valuable content with a single swipe. QR codes help share information quickly, safely and conveniently. If you are a contractor, developer or construction business owner, you can use QR codes to build your brand and increase leads.


One, QR codes for construction sites and business activities


1. QR code for tracking materials in construction

Theft often occurs on construction sites, and tracking lost equipment becomes a problem. You can put QR code labels on equipment and other construction materials to avoid these accidents.

After scanning a QR code label, You can store the data in a centralized platform or software to manage to access and consolidate information. Make sure you have an enterprise resource planning (ERP), CRM or internal system in place.

These systems keep product information and the item's transaction history to track the distribution chain. You can also contact QRGateway Code Generator to integrate the QR Code API into your system.

2. Safety building QR Code

Accidents and installation problems often occur on the construction site. Provide a handy reference guide via QR code, making it easy for your staff to correctly set up or assemble the device.

You can also convert construction safety instruction videos into QR code videos. Then print it on a poster directly when your employees can scan the code to view construction safety instructions.

Of course, you can also create a safety instruction PDF document that builds into a QR code, and anyone can scan the code to view the content at any time. You can update the content at any time because QR codes are dynamic. If there are changes to the manual, the content can be revised at any time, even after printing.

3. Set password for QR code for confidential documents

A data breach can take a toll on your finances and reputation. The use of password-protected QR codes enhances the protection of sensitive company information.

Using a password-protected QR code, you can share a document or file. Anyone who scans the QR code must enter the QR code password you set before viewing the QR code content.

You can also turn off the password feature to allow more people to access the document. You can enable the password function in URL or website QR code or document QR code.

Second, QR code in construction marketing strategy.

In the Internet age, the importance of social media is becoming more and more prominent. Engaging and promoting your content on social media can help increase brand awareness and help you reach more people.

Contractors and home remodelling and construction services companies can use social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok, etc., to reach more target users.

To effectively attract more followers and potential customers, increase brand awareness and increase publicity, you can use QRGateway's social media QR codes. One interface that brings together more than 16 mainstream social media channels.

Social Media QR Code Connect all your social media channels into one QR code. Users can scan all your social media channels in the jump out UI. Easily access your social media account homepage, follow your account and share your content.

You can apply this QR code on many social media channels. You can also display the QR code on social media multiple times, like online and offline posters, brochures, electronic business cards, envelopes, product packaging, event website, conference, etc.

Let more people understand more about your brand, products and services. Helps build user trust and increase brand awareness.


2. A dynamic URL for your website

Having an official website for a construction company helps build trust among clients. It helps establish your legitimacy as a company. To increase your website traffic, you can share online and offline.

By converting your URL into a dynamic URL QR code, you can get more people to share your website and drive them to visit. Since this is an active QR code, you can modify the URL link behind the QR code at any time to direct users to another website—no need to reprint the QR code.

3. Video Marketing

Sharing video content has become a necessity for many construction businesses as it has become a new platform to showcase their company's capabilities, secure new project bids, and inform contractors. Stakeholders.

With video, you can share your company's services and their success stories through video content. To share your videos quickly, you can convert them to video QR codes. Make it easier to share content. At the same time, you can also monitor the scan data of the video QR code at any time in the background.

4. QR codes in marketing materials

We should not include too much information in all advertising and promotional materials. But QR codes offer a great solution. Since the back of a QR code can contain video, audio, images, files, URLs, etc. QR codes can help you add more valuable content to brochures, flyers, posters and billboards.

5. Expand your social circle with electronic business cards

When you attend events and exhibitions, it is common to exchange business cards. However, due to the high demand for more secure communication, you can still use an electronic business card to provide your contact information in the form of a QR code.

Scan the QR code to enter contact information directly into the mobile phone book.

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