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QR Code Industry

How the manufacturing industry uses QR codes

The manufacturing sector may best reflect a country's productivity level. In recent years, the domestic manufacturing industry has developed rapidly, and the scope covers people's daily needs.

The manufacturing sector may best reflect a country's productivity level. In recent years, the domestic manufacturing industry has developed rapidly, and the scope covers people's daily needs. Food and beverage, textiles and various raw materials are all manufacturing industries, undoubtedly the mainstay of the national economy.


With the development of the Internet, the application of QR codes is more and more widespread; the combination of QR codes in the manufacturing industry will optimize the brand effect of products and increase sales of products. Connecting goods to the Internet and closer to people's lives creating a series of links such as buying and selling becomes fast and straightforward.


How do these manufacturing industries incorporate QR codes?

Example: Lijang Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. engages in the production, wholesale and sale of everyday essentials such as clothing and textiles. This company works with us to generate QR codes for various items.


We know that clothing products need to have a brand effect, leading to the appearance of many imitations on the market; now, QR codes are used as a means of conveying product information and can be used. As a means of anti-counterfeiting. The clothing tag is combined with a two-dimensional code connected to the official website, achieving an excellent anti-counterfeiting effect. For some clothes that already have brand effects and history, the clothes' culture is essential. It can be well incorporated in this small QR code.


Some famous brands were initially unknown to many people. Still, the design ideas and historical culture behind them were conveyed to the public through different channels and gradually formed a craze. The market and the phenomenon created by these brands have some distinctive characteristics. There are some unique "personalities" in marketing and consuming the brand. Like the famous fashion brand Supreme, the street culture combines many bold and exaggerated elements. It has quickly become a modern culture that young people pursue even. There is also the saying "anything can be supreme", which is the brand effect brought about by the brand story and brand culture.


Output channels for this branded content include online articles, videos and endorsements. Still, the most important thing is to make it your own and then incorporate QR codes on products to promote good product marketing. When it comes to promotion and marketing, some food and beverage industries have done this very well, incorporating products with QR codes to do promotional activities through QR codes. Links to multiple event pages attracted private traffic on the official website. Many repeat customers have also nurtured a pool of old customers.

For a company in the manufacturing industry, these methods are a good reference, but the final effect still depends on the company's business capacity. Provide more ideas. For example, how to combine QR codes with goods more efficiently and the information carried by QR codes, etc., can be extended to many different solutions.

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