QR Code Applications in the Publishing Industry


As a means of conveying information, QR codes have many applications in our lives. From small product packaging to large mobile payments, there are QR codes. Businesses love QR codes because of their ease of production and convenient functions. Their compact appearance helps to combine naturally with various products, thereby driving product traffic and clicks. Like the product's "identity card"...

The manufacturing industry partners with online QR code generators to generate QR codes for products in batches. This QR code can carry a lot of information and culture about the product brand. For some publishing industries, it is also possible to cooperate with companies that generate QR codes online; combining with many different types of published books, posters, albums, etc., will have unexpected effects.

1. For e-books and book magazines

In the Internet age, e-books have entered people's lives, and of course, many people still love paper books, both of which can be combined with QR codes.

+ E-books, because they are available on the Internet, are easier to combine with QR codes. However, there are many types of e-books on the Internet. If not promoted, people will have a hard time finding them. The link generates a QR code then shares it for readers to try.

If readers are satisfied after proofreading, they will download the reader software and continue reading, bringing reading volume to book and driving downloads to the reading software platform.

+ For paper books, the QR code can also be placed on the book's spine, cover, back and home page and combined with the electronic version for readers to try. Of course, QR codes can also contain background authors. Create compelling content such as background, book story, etc., which can spark the reader's interest in purchasing and lead the reader to online platforms.

2. Event poster

This is said to be most seen in daily life, and leaflets, billboards, posters are the most common applications.

QR codes can quickly become the bridge between advertising and consumers in the age of one smartphone, with just a simple scan. The audience can communicate information easily and quickly to the audience.

This way, you can choose an online QR code generator to generate QR codes for your product posters in batches. For example, a QRGateway includes many functions that generate QR codes and beautify QR codes. Such a QR code will be more attractive to the scanner, thus achieving the purpose of broadcasting.

3. Album audition QR code

Like e-books and paper books introduced before, albums are also divided into physical and digital albums. Although most young people today choose to buy digital albums directly online, that doesn't stop some loyal fans from buying idol albums, both of which can be combined with a QR code to generate an audition QR code.

Physical albums can be featured on the cover, and You can incorporate digital albums on shared posters. The audience can decide to buy based on the experience after listening.

I've also seen some physical albums bound into books. Each page is a background image of the singer's songwriting and the story behind the song, then in the middle of each page of text, there's a QR code, as long as the audience wants to listen to the music, you can directly scan the QR code to view the song's lossless audio and mv. Of course, this requires dynamic QR code generation, which can be done using an online QR code generator.

If you want to know more about how QR code creation and beautification works and more about QR code's application

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