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According to incomplete statistics, by 2021, the departments of ecological environment, police, housing and urban-rural development in district-level cities and provincial cities will receive about 2.018 million complaints and reports about environmental noise, which is noise from social life. The highest number of reflections, accounting for 53.7%; the second is construction noise, accounting for 34.2%; industrial noise accounted for 8.4%; Traffic noise accounts for 3.7%.

In 2021, in China, the "National Ecological and Complaints Management Platform" of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment received a total of 441,000 reports from the public, in which noise disturbance accounted for 41.2% of the total reported, ranking second among environmental pollution factors. . The rate of ecological noise complaints in Guangxi and Chongqing in various local ecological pollution reports, even near or exceed 60.0%. How to deal with noise? Maybe you will find the answer when reading the article below.

Anything can be a QR code, and a QR code can resolve even noise complaints.

First, what exactly is a noise complaint QR code?

On June 21, the Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Ecology and Environment launched a public campaign on "Building Noise Prevention and Control". Build". Currently, 2,500 construction sites in Chengdu have been put into intelligent noise management. Citizens only need to scan a two-way complaint posted at the site gate, and Code can file a construction noise complaint one at a time. Quickly and accurately. Citizens of Chengdu only need to scan the QR code. Information about construction noise complaints can directly meet the construction party and the site supervision department to promptly fix the problem.

Noise will affect people's everyday work and study, affect sleep and rest, in which construction noise is the focus of this campaign. Noise caused by digging, drilling, mixing, transporting materials and structures during construction is all construction noise. To effectively reduce the impact of construction noise on people's lives, Chengdu (China) put 2,500 construction sites into intelligent noise management this year and pasted the complaint QR code. Complaint against construction noise at the gate of each construction site to create favourable conditions for people to complain.

Compared to a phone complaint, the advantage of a QR code claim is faster and more accurate—complaints about noise on site one and QR code. After citizens enter the complaint podium by scanning the QR code, They will send complaint information to the construction project management and site supervision department in time. Person in charge and related units improve the efficiency of complaint settlement.

The noise claim QR code is made by generating a QR code from the claim platform's website link.

Second, how to generate a noise complaint QR code?

The first step is to log in to our website.

Step 2: Select on the navigation bar "Create QR Code"

Step 3: Select the "Website" option

Step 4: Enter the URL link in the URL box

Step 5: Generate dynamic QR code

 The advantage of a dynamic QR code is that You can update the content of the QR code at any time, and the scanning data of the QR code can be tracked, such as scanning time, location, quantity and device.

Step 6: Beautify the two-dimensional Code

You can perform some beautifying designs for two-dimensional codes, such as beautifying the style and colour of two-dimensional codes. You can also upload a logo or avatar.

The final step is to check out, download and use the QR code.

Also, you can use QR Code Attendance to create the form.

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