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QR Code Trends

What are the application areas of QR codes?

The application scenarios of mobile QR codes are very wide, and different applications have unique usage scenarios and usages, with obvious personalization characteristics.

It can realize various reading applications based on the characteristics of large information capacity, high security, wide encoding range, high decoding reliability, error-correction solid ability, and low cost of two-dimensional codes. : mobile reader applications often use mobile phones to save QR codes as vouchers for transactions or electronic payments and are widely used in financial costs, e-commerce and consumer spending. Use group purchases. Electronic visitors, redeem points.

Main reader application: the main reader application on mobile phones uses a mobile phone with reader software installed as a tool to read QR codes. The camera reads QR code images on various media for regional analysis and business logic execution. The main reading applications are mainly in advertising, anti-counterfeiting and traceability, and specific applications include online photography, anti-counterfeiting, food traceability, shopping, regulation—information navigation, mobile testing, business card recognition, information publishing, etc.

The application scenarios of mobile QR codes are extensive, and different applications have unique usage scenarios and usages, with prominent personalization characteristics.

1. Main reader application (capture phone code)

(1) Traceability

Green food production assigns barcodes to foods, enter details, certification status, etc., for each food with a quality certification authority. When consumers buy food, they can inquire about product certification status and other information anytime, anywhere by scanning a code or sending a text message using their mobile phone and can report it to the customer.

(2) Anti-counterfeiting:

Two-dimensional codes are printed on invoices, certificates and high-value products, supplemented by customer reading and a code-behind verification system, an information-based anti-counterfeiting application. Can be formed. Customers can get pre-generated invoices or product information in the code verification system after identifying the QR code in such applications. By comparing this information with the actual object, You can verify the authenticity of the thing.

(3) Advertising media

Merchants on advertising media print QR codes containing website addresses in magazines, newspapers, brochures, and outdoor advertising. Users can quickly access the merchant's website by scanning the QR code reader app installed on their mobile phones. It enhances the interaction between the business and potential users and enriches the information contained in the advertisement.

(4) Electronic business card

When businesses print paper business cards, they will print a QR code image containing name, contact information, e-mail, address, etc... on the business card. The user who receives the business card can use the mobile app to read the QR code on the business card, and then you can store the information contained in the QR code in the mobile phone's address book.

(5) Train shopping

On giant print advertisements, hot products are displayed as shelves, supplemented with the necessary text descriptions. Suppose the user finds the product he needs. In that case, he can use his mobile phone to get the code, go directly to the order page, and fill in a small amount of information (such as the quantity of the shopping item), etc.), the order can then be completed, eliminating the need for the user to search for this product again on the Internet.

2. Application is read (electronic voucher)

(1) Redeem points

 Redemption means that the company sends the goods or services redeemed by the member's mobile phone destination in the form of a two-way code electronic certificate, and the member sends the two-way code certificate to the Designated Place to buy back goods or enjoy services. Electronic points redemption can provide a more convenient and efficient customer feedback experience, save on logistics and warehousing costs, and provide businesses with accurate settlement data.

(2) Group-buying

Group-buying and group-buying sites introduce QR codes as purchase certificates to sell goods or services. After the consumer makes an online payment, they send a shopping certificate with a QR code to their mobile phone. Consumers can directly use QR code certificates to go to merchants selling goods or services that consume such goods or services.

(3) Electronic VIP Membership Certificate

Corporate customers issue QR code SMS MMS membership certificates to their members. Members can enjoy membership services in specific places through SMS MMS QR codes stored on their mobile phones.

(4) Electronic ticket consumers

You can make reservations via mobile Internet, phone, etc. Once the ticketing request takes effect, You will send the e-ticket to the consumer's mobile phone using an SMS QR code and MMS. QR. e-ticket code can check the ticket and enter the venue.

(5) Electronic login

The e-voucher is a conference system that uses a mobile phone's two-dimensional code for login verification. Business users only need to add the participant's basic information to the system. The platform admin will send a QR code to the participant's mobile phone, and the participant can use the QR code on the mobile phone to log in. The electronic voucher login method is convenient, fast, safe, and reliable, helping to manage participants' data.

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