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20 reasons why you need QR codes on social media

By scanning a QR code, users can: visit the official website, follow the official account, understand the latest developments, and view the brand's history and personal development.


1. Quickly promote your brand!

Through QR codes, users can:

 Going to the official website, following the official account, understanding the latest happenings, and viewing historical content developed on Facebook / Tiktok / Linkedin and other channels only need 3 minutes for users to understand your brand quickly.

Users do not need to search for information on their own. This couldn't be more helpful to increase the user's good impression of the brand.


2. Easily insert multiple external articles

With QR codes on social networks, it is possible to insert multiple articles into a single tweet of a public account.


3. Manage multiple purchase groups by group

Different types of buying groups (fruit group, vegetable group, new food group...), or the same brand (e.g., fresh food brand) in different communities.

 Multiple purchasing groups can use social QR codes to manage various groups with one code and redirect traffic to various groups with one code.


4. One QR code to achieve multiple group traffic flow

QR codes on social networks can group many Facebook groups ... on one page. Help brands attract traffic effectively.

5. Show more official accounts

QR on social networks, it is possible to collect QR codes of many companies' official accounts on one page.

6. Show multiple videos

Social QRs can combine playback links of multiple videos on one page.

It is especially suitable for the education industry, corporate event advertising, and product box display.

7. QR code on the poster

Easily connect brand promotional videos, mini shows, official websites, public accounts... even registration events. You can place the information, content, and channels you want to show to potential users in a QR code.

8. Set your portfolio with a QR code

Your portfolio can be displayed using a QR code, whether in PDF format, link format (MP3, MP4), or image format. Suitable for use in interviews, contests, and project activities.

9. Buy directly from the "Official Account."

Most brands have multiple stores across multiple e-commerce platforms and apply social QR codes to official accounts. Users can directly scan the code to access Amazon, eBay, and more. Buy from other outlets and shopping malls. Help improve sales and consumer experience.

10. Packaging Design

According to research, good packaging design can increase sales by 15%. Adding a beautifully designed social media QR code can convey more information on the outside packaging of your products, attract more people to scan, and achieve second-hand sales and consumption. Grant.

11. Increase fan base

Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, WeChat... Is it increasing the fanbase comprehensively? Don't miss out on social media QR codes because they can be displayed and disseminated as a QR code or short link on multiple platforms.

12. One of the best ways to communicate with fans

Wherever (brand/media/celebrity) uses QR codes on social networks, for fans, QR codes on social networks are a direct and effective integrated communication channel. Speak up, interact, get help, collaborate, get advice…

13. Make your resume stand out

Creative short videos about yourself, excellent work cases, your portfolio, past design works, competition videos, and more can be displayed in the code. Social QR - on your resume leads to a stunning resume.

14. Make an impression after the sale

You can put product links and personal contact information (Phone/Email) in QR codes on social networks. All scan data can be viewed, including scan time, location, quantity, device, etc.

15. One of the new media miners don't want to miss!

The purpose of product operations, user operations, and channel operations are to achieve user growth and sales growth.

Using QR codes on social media to centralize a brand's public channels into a single QR code helps to spread the content of the multichannel but also helps to attract users from the multichannel to the domain traffic group. Brand's own.

16. Catering businesses in the new normal

During the pandemic, food service businesses need to have QR codes to reduce contact with each other. Create the most comfortable and private environment possible for customers.

17. QR codes that schools and educational institutions find very useful!

Display and record video links of online courses, homework assignments, great article recommendations, activities and contests showcase, college clubs welcoming new students... all can use QR codes on social networks.

18. Coffee brand with QR code

A coffee brand that participates in many contests, events, and fan engagements, all using QR codes on social media to connect with potential customers

19. QR codes used by e-commerce merchants

They put official accounts, video accounts, contact information, etc., into a QR code on a social network. Then use it in publicity accounts and posters and on product images.

20. Big brands are using it!

Major publishers worldwide: Scholastic, Springer Nature, and Grand PO Planeta .. all apply effectively.

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