QR Codes for Personal Use

Using QR codes in businesses and marketers has more practical uses for QR codes than you might think.

We took the ideas from Business QR Codes for personal use and made them easy to do all the work so you can focus on other things.

For yourself

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You might have a birthday party job, or be a commuter looking for a new job or just someone interested in using new technologies. Whoever you are, QR Codes are the perfect accessory to elevate your everyday life. Ready to QR Code like a pro?


Create professional events

You may be planning a party that can be daunting and depressing, especially when you're doing it alone. Using Event QR Codes on your invitations keeps your guests from missing the big moment and has easy access to all event information. With just one scan, they can quickly save your event's time, date, and location to their calendar. You can even add an RSVP option so you can plan your catering accordingly.

Gallery & Videos

QR Codes Wedding

Wedding invitations are very common at weddings, and they can also reflect the expectations of the bride and groom for the big ceremony. You can print an exclusive wedding QR code on your wedding invitation, which can be linked to a short video of the heart's journey, showcases excellent wedding photography, or it can be a confession—sincere love of the groom to the bride.

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Wedding QR codes give people a greater dimension of appreciation, not just through being at the scene to feel the romance.

vCard Premium

Safe travel

Maybe in an emergency, You need to share your medical information with the vCard Premium QR Code, which can save your life in emergencies. Place the QR Code in a visible place on your pocket or device and list any helpful medical information. With a quick scan, the rescue service immediately knows about any allergies, chronic illnesses or other medical conditions you have and can provide appropriate treatment.

vCard Premium

Share contact

Owning a dog comes with a lot of responsibilities, fears, and worries.. This is especially true if your dog is adventurous and naughty. Add a vCard Premium QR Code to your dog's collar so They can contact you quickly in case your dog gets lost or has an accident.

Placing a QR Code on your dog's collar gives search engines easy access to your contact information like your phone number or address. You can also share any other information about your dog, from his name to his favourite food. And if you ever need to update your contact information, And if you need to update your contact information, you can easily do so without replacing the QR Code.

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No worries, no confusion

No worries, no confusion

Integrate QR Codes during initial planning and add content only when you're ready to go live, even after printing. You can Edit anytime and anywhere.

High image quality and variety

High image quality and variety

Your QR codes are always in high resolution no matter what they're printed on. Download in JPG, PNG, SVG or EPS format.

Designs available

Designs available

We have a stock of beautiful layouts and logos available to satisfy even the most demanding people. Make your marketing campaign a perfect success.

Make a great first impression

Make a great first impression

Customize URLs to be short or stand out from your competitors and use your domain to drive brand loyalty.

Accurate statistics

Accurate statistics

You have detailed tracking and statistics of QR code scan. Allows you to passively and actively collect information about users.

Smart customization

Smart customization

You can lock your QR code at any time, and Smart Redirect is tailored to your device. And has third-party service integration

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