QR Codes for Nonprofits

QR Codes are known for their heavy use in e-commerce and packaging. However, they can also be used as an ideal marketing tool by non-profit organizations that have already started using them.


Promote your organization's donation page

A nonprofit can place a QR code on a donation box, on a poster, on the door of a friendly coffee shop, or at the store's checkout to invite people to contribute to a campaign.

Socials Media

Nonprofits on Social Media

The power of social media can be challenging to put into words, but it is an integral part of the fundraising strategy for a modern nonprofit.

A successful social media presence can not only help you expand your reach and boost your community of supporters - it even has a direct correlation with the amount raised.


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Nonprofit Organizations

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QR Codes

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Best solutions for QR Codes

Design beautiful QR Codes your way. Add your own color, logo, pattern and frame.


Improve the quality of the organization

What makes a non-profit organization successful is the satisfaction and trust of its people. By incorporating the QRGateway Feedback QR Code, you can quickly request participants' feedback.

We will email reviews to your organization. Now you can quickly modify and improve your organization's employees, volunteers, and members.


Event announcement of the organization

Any nonprofit can use Event QR codes to share event details, locations, or even event reminders.

In promotional materials for an upcoming event, a nonprofit can add a Nonprofit QR code that requires a smartphone to scan to save event details embedded in the default calendar app. This helps to remind the event to potential supporters.

Google Map QR Code can even display the event's location on Google Maps so that attendees don't have to have a hard time locating the venue.


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