QR Codes in Marketing

QR codes can help achieve the marketing goal of interacting with a customer or a potential customer rather than traditional advertisements and other media.

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Interactivity marketing

Although print advertising is still one of the suitable forms of marketing to build a brand, it does not generate high engagement like outdoor advertising or digital marketing. But with QR codes, it can do the unthinkable.

By adding QR Codes, you can make your ads more interactive and collect more information from your target customers. You can run a contest, get people to sign up for a product or event, get feedback from customers, or let customers make a purchase right from a newspaper or flyer ad.

A good example is Central Park, whose QR Code campaign was conducted in New York City's Central Park in 2018. They placed the QR Codes on the boards in different locations in the park.

When scanned, the QR Code engages visitors in a Quiz about the park's history, art, music, science, pop culture, and exciting things surrounding the park.


Track your marketing metrics

Depending on the specific purpose, campaign, and time to choose the correct form of content for your customers, making PR - Marketing activities effective, bringing convenience and exciting experiences to your customers.


For marketing and advertising campaigns, behavioural metrics and effectiveness for customers are decisive factors for the success of the marketing campaign. We bring you the right and effective QR code tracking solution.

  • Find out how customers access your products, services, and digital platforms.
  • See if a particular design improves traffic to your site.
  • It helps you identify real traffic, set expectations and goals based on your traffic history.
  • It gives you more clarity on what is working and what needs improvement.
  • Distinguish your target audience.
  • Guide your marketing campaign strategically and comprehensively.
  • Allows you to use Google Analytics, Matomo and many other traffic tracking platforms

Create, manage and track all your QR Codes.

Design beautiful QR codes your way. Add your own colors, logos and frames.

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The Reserved for you

Tracking the QR code you've created provides you with many metrics to help you understand and understand your customers' QR code scanning behaviour by having such robust and timely data. It proves that you have made changes and increased the performance of your QR code.

The better your QR code works, the more customers you will attract.

We encourage everyone to use Google Analytics for its professional, real-time performance. If you have other ad campaigns, we will also assist you in setting the correct Google Conversion and Facebook Pixel.

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