Safe Dining Experience

Contactless menu, no physical menu, just a website your customers can visit and clean their hands.

Comprehensive Management

Provide digital menus and price lists of various services for restaurants, cafes, bars and food businesses.

Cost savings

The menu price list can be adjusted at any time, environmentally friendly, saving the cost of menu price list design. Free downloadable QR codes, easy to print on flyers, stickers, posters, desk cards, and more. For marketing.

Our Objective

QRGateway Digital Menu has one primary goal - to sell more of your food by presenting it in the best possible way. The simple, easy-to-use interface creates a snappy experience that helps your guests engage and order more!

Increase customer experience and reduce staff in the new normal.

⚡ Features ⚡

Safe Dining Experience with
Beautiful Digital Menu

Easy to Update

Easy to Update

Don't disappoint your customers with an outdated menu full of 86'd items. Our digital menu takes less than a minute to update.

Make a great impression

Make a great impression

You don't have to be a designer to have a beautiful digital menu. Our digital menu does the hard work for you.

Go Touchless with QR codes

Go Touchless with QR codes

Our digital menu uses QR codes. That means your customers can quickly view them on their devices.

Restaurant Reservation System

The restaurant reservation system is part of our digital menu. It's an easy-to-use, time-saving, web-based restaurant reservation system platform.

Using an online restaurant reservation system gives customers the freedom to make reservations whenever they want without calling you.

Order management

We takes your QR code menu to the next level by giving your guests the ability to place orders directly from their smartphones.

Coming soon

Payment management

We brings the contactless experience full circle by enabling guests to pay for their orders from their phones. No fumbling around with credit cards or signing paper receipts.

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